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Language classes are offered at a variety of levels to suit the abilities of all learners, as well as at a variety of times and locations throughout East Lothian.  

Beginners  - for those with some previous knowledge of the language, covering simple vocabulary, grammar and conversation.

Continuing Beginners - for those with a basic knowledge who wish to build on what they have learned so far.

Post Beginners - for those who have done approximately two years of the language and wish to develop their skills and confidence further.

Café et Conversation - An informal French conversation course for learners at post-beginner level although suitable for confident beginners and intermediates looking for extra spoken practice.


Intermediate/Post Intermediate - for those with some experience of the language who are looking for the opportunity to practise their skills and increase their knowledge.

Advanced – for those with a good knowledge of the language who want an opportunity to practise with fellow learners.