Future Leaders

Active Schools Future Leaders

Opportunities for School Pupils & Students to:

Learn and use Leadership skills, Volunteer and give back to their Sport & Community.

Start their journey to become a qualified Coach or possibly representing their peers.

Get recognised for the time they give others.

To help them stand out from the crowd!

Continue to add to your hours ever time you volunteer or help others.

Future Leaders Medal Scale

Read and select one or more of the opportunities below.


Future Leader
Open to Year Groups: S1 to S6
Role: Assist a more experienced coach to support younger children take part in sport and physical activity.
Placement: You will meet with your local Active Schools Co-ordinator to discuss where and when your placement will take place.
Additional: Can be used as part of Duke of Edinburgh, Youth Achievement Award, Community Commitment and Saltire Awards.


Young Ambassador
Open to Year Groups: S4
Role: To promote Sport & Physical Activity in your community and represent the views of your peers.

Placement: You will meet regularly with your local Active Schools Co-ordinator to discuss how to take make a difference in your local community.
Additional: Can be used as part of Duke of Edinburgh, Youth Achievement Award, Community Commitment and Saltire Awards.




Active Schools 300

Active Schools Future Leader

Open to pupils who attend Secondary School in East Lothian

Benefits to Future Leaders:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop skills including leadership, decision-making, planning and organisation
  • Learn to set goals and take on new challenges
  • Potential to gain qualifications throughout your leadership journey
  • Gain hours to Achieve your East Lothian Active Schools Future Leaders Certificate of recognition.  See the Medal Table of Hours above.
  • Potential to fulfil commitments to Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Sport Scotland Youth Achievement Award gain volunteering hours for Saltire Awards.

What does it involve?

  • Registering your interest by signing up here.
  • Meeting with your local Active Schools Co-ordinator to discuss what you want to get from the role, and where and when you might be able to help.
  • Supporting a more experienced coach/official in helping younger pupils take part in sport or physical activity.
  • Committing to attend your weekly placement for an agreed number of weeks.

What support will be given?

  • Support from your Mentor Coach & local Active Schools Co-ordinator
  • Potential to access online training and coaching courses.
  • Potential to attend training and coaching courses, which could be qualifications and recognised by the SQA and UCAS
  • Potential to link with a local sports club and continue your involvement beyond school.


NOTE: The date 28/03/22 is used as the deadline for sign ups - it is not an actual event date - please just ignore.


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Active Schools Young Ambassador

Open to pupils in S4 and can continue into their S5 & S6 years, if they wish to continue their involvement.

The role of a Young Ambassador

  • At the heart of the Young Ambassador programme is the principle that their views, and those of other young people are heard, valued and influence decision making; and that they are engaged in driving change.
  • In this context a Young Ambassador has two key roles:
    • to promote sport, and motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in sport in a wide range of settings within their local communities, including schools, clubs and community organisations
    • to influence six key aspects of school sport:
      • extra-curricular sport provision
      • links to community sport opportunities
      • opportunities for competition
      • celebration of pupil achievements in sport
      • leadership opportunities for young people
      • PE in schools
  • As role models and leaders for other young people, Young Ambassadors can have a pivotal role within their school and wider community.
  • A young Ambassador can also be a Future Leader - no need to sign up just speak to your local Active Schools Co-ordinator.

Every effort will be made to accommodate all the applicants.

Interviews may be held of there are too many applicants.

More information on Young Ambassadors.

NOTE: The date 16/09/21 used on the booking system is the deadline for sign ups.


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