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Me & My Sport Support


Me and My Sport is an opportunity for parents and carers to let their local Active Schools Co-ordinator know about any support that will help their child have the best experience attending their activity. The questions below are included in our online booking form however we want to give you the opportunity to look over them prior to booking.


1)      Is there anything that could be done prior to attending a sport or physical activity class that would help you (your child) feel comfortable in participating? (This could be a meet the coach or a visit the venue)

2)      Is there anything that you would like to tell us about your (your child’s) communication needs?

3)      Are there any specific accommodations that we can make to sport or physical activity that would help you (your child) be able to participate?

4)      Is there any other information that you would like to share that would ensure your child has a positive experience?

5)      What would be the best way for us to follow up any information on this form with you or your child?


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 Active schools and East Lothian

Please contact your local
Active Schools Co-ordinator for further details.

Please CLICK HERE to find out who it is

When contacting your local
Active Schools Co-ordinator,
include as much detail as possible,
including, but not limited to:

Your name, your contact telephone number

If regarding a child or young person, their name, school year, school name.

If your query refers to a particular sport or activity, please also include that information, activity name, venue, dates and times.