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Tennis is an ongoing project within the Preston Lodge cluster. We aim to provide weekly training sessions for everyone and all of our training sessions are completely free. Within this programme we have weekly training, school league competitions and sports events including East Lothian Youth Games.

Tennis is an excellent way to get active, challenges your aerobic capacity, develop coordination and hone your hand-eye coordination. Tennis is a great way to meet new people, build your communication skills and improve your team work. Within these classes you will learn tennis etiquette, court side development, racket skills and movement in and around the court.

As Preston Lodge is a free class, we rely heavily on volunteers. We are always looking to extend our programmes and any support you may be able to provide as a leader, assistant or coach would be hugely appreciated. We welcome all ages, whether parent or pupil, and provide full training and support. Coaching and volunteering is a great way to learn and develop many skills that employers are looking for.

If you have any questions on our programmes or you are interested in volunteering please contact us using the details on the right of this page.  Thank you.

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PL HS Tennis S1-S6 Season 2021/22

Preston Lodge Tennis
Ages: 11-18

Year Group: S1-S6

Thursday: 1.05-1.45 lunchtime (On going excluding school holidays)
Price: £0


Please Note: this booking will be open for All Year and the final date for entry is 28th March 2022. Also this class will not start until Thursday 30 September

Team App is our new source for communication. Please download Team App on IOS or Android register and search for PLHS Tennis


(incl. VAT)

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Jamie Chapman
Ross HS Active Schools Coordinator
07969 428 513