From here you can pick the right Dance Club for your child.

Our Dance Clubs are open to all pupils who attend Ross HS, once signed up they can attend the weekly training sessions.
Note some Dance Clubs may have restrictions on them, such as a specific age band.
By signing your child up to school dance you are giving permission for them to participate in weekly school sessions.

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RHS Dance 23/24

RHS Dance

Venue: RHS Gameshall 
Ages: Boys or Girls in S1, S2 & S3
Days/Dates: TBC
Times: TBC, Agree once sign up is complete. 

Price: FREE

  1. Pupils should bring a bottle of still water with their name marked on it.
  2. Dates: TBC, When sign up is complete, a day and time will be confirmed  

Important: Once you have clicked SELECT remember to scroll down and click CONTINUE.


(incl. VAT)

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Jamie Chapman
Ross HS Active Schools Coordinator
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