We are delighted to announce the partnership with Tranent Swimming Club and the new East Lothian Active Schools Swimming programme.  Swimming is a great workout which is high intensity and involves fast paced movements.  Hockey is great for conditioning, speed and fitness.  This club will run on a 4 week term at Mercat Gait where the clubs highly qualified coaches will teach the essential skills of competitive swimming.  Please note that this club is not for swimming lessons and we need a minimum ability to swim 25m in order to participate.  This club aims to develop competitive swimmers.

We provide support for any pupil who requires assistance financially.  Please contact mcampbell2@elcschool.org.uk for more information.


Active Schools Swimming

Active Schools Swimming with Tranent Swimming Club

Please Note:  Pupils must be able to swim 50m frontcrawl and 25m backcrawl to attend this club.  This is not suitable for non or beginner swimmers.

Ages: P4-P7
Monday: 31st Oct, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Nov and 5th December
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Mercat Gait Swimming Pool - All P4-7 Pupils 

Prices: Standard - FREE

(If you cannot access this booking, please contact your Active Schools Coordinator)


(incl. VAT)