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Within Active Schools we aim to support every young person to become more active, more often. We understand that some young people do not feel ready yet to join a club or group, or may have barriers in their lives that prevent this.

The Identified Young Person’s Coordinator works within Primary and Secondary schools to provide support to young people who are disengaged from school, looked after or care experienced, or struggling with their mental health. This is offered during the curriculum time through 10 one to one sessions with a coach, or through a small group specifically set up for their needs.

During 1:1 sessions the young person and coach will work on their chosen activities to develop confidence and resilience before being supported to transition into a wider club. The coordinator will discuss relevant and appropriate clubs they wish to join with the family and young person.

Young people can only be referred for 1:1 sessions by SCHOOLS OR RELEVANT PROFESSIONALS, through this booking form. Please discuss the referral with the young person and family before completing.

Once a referral has been submitted the IYP coordinator will be in touch to discuss further and set up an initial meeting with the young person.

The criteria for referrals is:

  • Disengaged with formal learning or education, where previous attempts to engage in school support systems may have failed.
  • At risk, or already engaging in anti-social behaviour within their community.
  • At risk of being accommodated or removed from family unit due to safety or behavioural concerns.
  • Mental health concerns that are affecting participation in school, community or wider activities.
  • Family or community concerns which are affecting the wellbeing of the young person, i.e. sibling’s involvement with police, social circle involvement with police.

Groups can be set up for various reasons, such as peer support for an identified young person, groups with additional support needs, or identified groups such as creative learning departments.
If you have a small group of young people in mind please contact Kirstin Gray to discuss further. 

Please contact Kirstin Gray on for any more information.

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