Curriculum for Excellence 


Orientation Sessions for new Interactive Whiteboards


Available Dates: 

28th October 2021

26th January 2022


Time: 16.00 – 17.00

Venue: Google Meet

Designed for: Teachers and staff using Interactive Whiteboards in school.

Tutor: Janice Prandstatter (Promethean)


Programme Rationale

Many classrooms across East Lothian have or will be having a new Interactive White board installed. With the new Nickel Panel comes many new features that can enhance the way lessons can be delivered.

This session will start at the very basics, and explore the new features built into this board with references to how these can be applied to everyday teaching across Primary and Secondary sectors.



An understanding of:

  • Basic Nickel Panel hardware features – connectivity, control buttons on panel, interacting with the display.
  • Using with your computer – mention of AI and some of the Maths classroom specific tools the software has, other tools like Jamboard, Google Meet.
  • Unified Menu.
  • Promethean Classroom Essential Apps.
  • Connecting other devices i.e. Chromebook.


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