Mindfulness Based Living Course


Dates: Friday 23 April-Friday 11 June (Dates to be Confirmed)

Time: 2.00pm-4.00pm (Times to be Confirmed)

Platform: Online (Platform To be Confirmed)

Tutor: Shonagh Davidson - Mindfulness Teacher


Who the course/programme is for: This course is aimed at all teachers.

“Knowing what is happening, while it is happening, without preference.”

Outline of the course/programme: 

• Benefits of mindfulness
• What is mindfulness
• Mindfulness of body and breath
• The body scan
• Mindfulness of thoughts and sound
• Exploring stubborn negative emotions
• Developing compassion for self and others
• 3 stage (or three minute) Breathing Space Practice
• Self-compassion break (three minute)

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of the course the participants will have:
• A detailed knowledge of mindfulness
• Have a deep experiential learning of mindfulness and its benefits
• Have established daily mindfulness practice in their own lives


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Mindfulness Based Living Course


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