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DGS Yoga

 New Yoga sessions available to book.

 We have teamed up with KOSA Yoga and one of their instructors is offering a 4 week introductory block for DGS pupils. 

All teenagers can benefit from coming along to a regular yoga class designed specifically for their needs. Teen bodies are going through a lot of changes - both physically and mentally.  Join us for these 4 week taster sessions to experience what yoga is and how it can help you deal with the ups and downs that life throws our way (especially in the teenage years!).  The sessions will be varied (boredom free zone!) - both active and restorative. Led by Diane Christopherson, an experienced certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

A regular yoga practice brings many benefits no matter what age or stage you're at in life.  This includes:

Decreased stress and anxiety
Improved posture and breathing
Improved sleep pattern
Boost in mood
Increased flexibility

Increased energy levels

Better physical performance - 
flexibility, strength and resilience
Improved concentration and focus



We are also offering

 DGS Yoga is a great way to relax at lunchtime. Pupils will be able to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of school life and relax and learn new yoga techniques. These sessions will take place in the small gym or fitness suite.

Please speak to Miss Galbraith who will give you more info on sessions.



You have to be flexible to practice yoga!  Definitely not!  Everyone is different - some people have tight hamstrings, calves or shoulders; others may be hypermobile (overly bendy) and need to learn to not overdo!  Yoga can help you work to improve awareness of how movement feels in your body. 
I won't be able to do the poses - your teacher is experienced in working with your body to find a variation that works for you. Yoga is a non-judgemental practice.
Yoga is just for girls - definitely not!  Yoga's great founders were men and whilst statistically more women practice yoga there is a fast growing trend in men using yoga to improve their physical and mental health.  Men and boys need yoga just as much as women!
Yoga is just a workout!  Yoga is much more than just a workout although you will feel the physical effects on your body.  Yoga encourages you to engage your mind, body and breath in the physical sensations in the body and recognise the effects of different poses on the body (the fancy name for this is interoception!). 




DGS Teen Yoga Sessions

KOSA Yoga Session in partnership with DGS

Days: Tuesday 24th & 31st October, 7th & 14th November

Time: 3.40 -4.30

Venue: DGS Small Gym Hall

Cost: FREE

Equipment needed: Comfortable stretch PE kit/ water bottle/ Yoga mats provided


What to expect:

Welcoming & Inclusive sessions

Certified teacher

Varied and challenging sessions

Wellbeing tools


(incl. VAT)
Active Schools 300

DGS Yoga Club

DGS Yoga sessions are ran at lunchtime on a Thursday

These sessions are open to all who want to come along and relax.


For more info speak to Mrs Barber in the PE base.


(incl. VAT)

Scott Marnoch


Scott Marnoch
Dunbar Grammar Active Schools Coordinator
07969 428 485