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Welcome to Dunbar Grammar Sport booking Live. 

 We are now using Booking Live for all Secondary Sports sign up.

To book a sports club you are interested in joining or trying please select from the links below.

(You will have to have an account to book)


When you select your chosen Sport you will find details of your age groups, venue details and timings.

If you cannot book a club it will be due to that class not being available at the moment.

(Clubs you can book on at the moment are run outdoors. We will update indoor clubs when lockdown rules change)


You can join as many clubs as you wish as we encourage all pupils to try a variety of Sports. Many of our Sports Clubs that run teams to compete in local, regional and national competitions.

As you will see the majority of our Sports Clubs are FREE.

DGS has always offered pupils the chance to enjoy Sport at any level and our coaches will always encourage pupils to do their best and improve their Physiacl Fitness and Health & Wellbeing through these sports clubs.


If you have any questions please contact Scott Marnoch by email at :

Please follow us on our social media platforms:

Twitter @dgs_sport 

Instagram sportsdgs 

Teamapp DGSSport and find your team you wish to join

DGS Sport on DGS website:



 If there are any barriers that stops a participant from taking part in Sport please contact DGS Active School Coordinator Scott Marnoch


 Please note: Access to Leisure concession prices will be available for some classes after you click 'Book Now'.


DGS Sports


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Scott Marnoch
Dunbar Grammar Active Schools Coordinator
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