Here at Chris Ewing Karate Club (CEK) we train in the style of karate known as Wado-Kai which is a blend of traditional Japanese Karate and Jujitsu. CEK recently resigned from the Scottish Karate Federation after forming their own independent federation (CEK Association) which is affiliated to the Scottish Karate Governing Body and is regulated by Disclosure Scotland.


Each child is permitted to attend this free block of activity only once to get a taste of the activity. After these 4 weeks we have excellent club links in place for you to move into the Karate Club itself where you child can enjoy lots more Karate and even has the possibility of working their way up in the sport if they wish to do so.


As well as the session advertised for FREE below, Chris Ewing runs club sessions on a weekley basis for £6.50 per session. This money will not be taken by Active Schools, but if you want ot get involved get in touch with Chris Ewing directly (Details below) 


If you wish to move straight on to the club itself, please contact Chris Ewing Karate on 07828859960 or email chris.ewing@chrisewingkarate.com. Alternatively please contact your Active Schools Coordinator, Anna Potter on 07976376945 or email apotter@elcschool.org.uk.

Anna Potter


Anna Potter

Musselburgh Active Schools Coordinator


07976 376 945