Active Schools Musselburgh Grammar  


Musselburgh Grammar Active Schools offers a great variety of opportunities to get involved in sport. We have excellent partnerships and links with local clubs through the Community Sport Hub and we work hard to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to continue their involvement is sport & activity beyond school so that they can enjoy life long participation. 

  Below you will see the list of activities we are offering for this term. For more information on these activities or to sign your child up, please click on the icons below.

*Please note a number of activities which have multiple options for different year groups, please ensure you select the class best suited to your child.



                       MGS Rugby


                           MGS CrossFit


                       MGS Basketball


                     MGS Hockey

MGS Badminton


                      MGS Football






If you have any questions regarding the online booking process please contact your Active Schools. 

 Please note: Access to Leisure concession prices will be available for some classes after you click 'Book Now'



Jade Hall
Musselburgh Grammar Active Schools Coordinator